Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weak current College】 【cold except by law】.

<br> Mold loves in cloudy and wet place, because it can adapt to a low temperature, high temperature in cold storage plant in the most serious damage. Mould growth inside the cold store, the spores everywhere, for meat, egg quality impact is .large, so the mold is cold the major hazards. Fungi and bacteria are different, it is not harmful, nor produce toxins, but had mildew grave harm to the appearance of the product, and promotion of the meat, egg of worn-out. .Mold growth, can be seen with the naked eye, so in addition to the fungi than disinfection by enterprise units, but the lack of convenient and reliable method, except the fungi. Now subject of method is also not a few, but are not so .easy, so you also need to continue to conduct scientific research to identify better ways than bad. <br> In addition to the Moldy mildew removal methods have mechanical, physical and chemical removal of mould removal by three broad categories. (A) machinery except .by law: for cleaning and elimination of health, it also and other bad method. In the machinery subject to bad law an air washing method, which is in the air inlet and outlet with a sprinkler, air in the loop through the water we will .mould spores wash away, this method is like the wet air cooler, can serve to reduce mildew effect. <br> (Ii) physical except by law: is the use of temperature, humidity, UV light, high-frequency electrical and copper wire .mesh filter to subject. Mold growth temperature generally-6 ~ 40 ¡ .æ, for this reason a library in low temperature rarely see mold growth, which use heat alkali water can kill mildew on device tools. The growth of mould and the temperature is high, so the temperature control can only be appropriate to use. Mildew removal .with UV is a better way to sterilize, and in addition, there are also some deodorizing effect. But this can only be a part of direct irradiation, and general use 0.33 m3 ~ 3 watt UV-radiation, at a distance of 2 meters of .area irradiation 6 hours may play the role of the germicidal. But the role of ultraviolet light is affected by temperature and humidity exists, the closer the normal microbial growth, the higher the temperature, humidity, sterilization capacity except by the stronger. UV can promote .fat oxidation from Ho, so pay attention to when in use. Copper wire mesh filter is in the wind-loaded on a copper wire made of net, which can destroy part of the mold. <br> (3) chemical addition of Trichoderma harzianum .method: this method is much, much more used with lactic acid and carbon dioxide, ozone, formaldehyde, bleaching powder, sodium fluoride, hydroxy-diphenol sodium, etc. <br> 1. lactate method: is a reliable sterilization method, it can .subject the fungi, disinfects and deodorizes. Use the method is to clean up the Treasury clearing, 1 ml/m3 using crude lactic acid, lactic acid plus 1 to 2 parts of water, the mixture on the enamel Bowl, placed in electric furnace heating .evaporation, General requirements for the drug control in half an hour to three hours or so after evaporation. Then close the furnace, closed the door up to 6-24 hours or so, so that lactic acid bacteria or moulds in full and function, with .a view to achieving the purpose of sterilization. The China Business Council of meat company in Hunan Province "except by antivirus test group" experimental proof. Lactic acid disinfectant to a ml/m3, in addition to the Treasury by sterilization has certain effects, sterilised .after the decline of Treasury bacteria, mold and mildew dropped 70% 70%. <br> 2. carbon dioxide method: in any concentration can kill mold, it will only be able to slow the growth of molds. In 0 ℃ down such as .indoor air concentrations of carbon dioxide in reach 40%, you can completely block the growth of molds. But when it's concentration in the air for more than 20%, due to the degeneration of the formation of hemoglobin and the meat changes color. Generally, .0 ° c indoor CO2 concentration is 10%, you can put the meat in the refrigerator to cool in the preservation period extended to more than doubled. <br> 3. ozone method: it is a good way, either sterilization can be subject to .bad odor removal. This method should use the ozone generator that makes the air two atoms of oxygen cracking into two atoms of ozone. The formation of ozone into the freezer, its concentration of about 1 ~ 3mg/m3 to work. However, ozone is .a strong oxidizing agent that enables lean fading and fat oxidation and ozone on human mucosa has the stimulating, used when it should be noted. <br> 4. formaldehyde: the formalin steam method. This method can also be subject to poisoning, but the .smell of formalin sterilization, if the absorption by the meat will not be able to eat, and formalin on stimulation is very large, it is necessary to pay attention to security when used. Use this method, it should first be taken out of the empty ., clean up, generally with 15 ml/m3 of formalin. The formalin into steam in two ways: one kind is sealed in the formalin drums with piped into cold storage, the following fire; one is opening in the formalin is placed in the barrel .is placed inside the cold store operator in moderation too manganate or lime, then add some water, gas, the staff go out the door closed good library. Using formalin steam disinfection after hours, and then use the ammonia in the indoor odor absorbing formalin, .after ventilation disinfection is completed. 5. bleaching powder method: is the 4% of bleaching powder for cleaning, disinfecting solution. If five bleaching powder plus seven stone base better, disinfection hours for ventilation and exhaust. <br> 6. sodium fluoride: .is 2% of sodium fluoride and 20% kaolin mixed paint the walls, in 0 ℃ to 1 ~ 2 years away. <br> 7. hydroxy-diphenol sodium method: that is, with 2%-diphenol sodium solution brushing subject. This .way you can not smell to meat or corrosion containers, but when you want to do a protective coating. <br>.

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