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Weak current College】 【battery quality and use of】.

The battery itself has a quality problem or because of improper use, will make the actual battery capacity drops, increase the resistance, even in the event of a serious accident, threaten UPS up and running and not power feature of normal play. Following, a brief description of the battery for some common failure of specific performance.
1, battery fluid loss
The battery is in the "lean fluid" of State work, and its electrolyte completely stored in the electrode and porous diaphragm, once the batteries lose water, its capacity is about to fall, when the water loss reached 3.5ml/AH, battery capacity drops to initial capacity of 75%, when water losses of up to 25%, battery life will be terminated.
Control batteries use ambient temperature, battery charging current and charging voltage, whole valve structure and select a reasonable break valve for pressure, adopting non-antimony grid alloy technology reduces hydrogen had potential, improving the efficiency of measures such as sealed reaction to prevent batteries lose water is effective.
2. battery slot deformation
Once the battery shell deformation, the plates of the electrolyte is not tight, it will not be able to fully play its role, the battery discharge capacity increase, decrease.
Battery bay deformation due mainly to the battery's internal temperature is too high. In the use process should control the battery temperature, controlled battery charging current and charging voltage, prevent over-charging, both Super ABS material and design sensible Assembly pressure is also very important.
3. battery leakage
Battery pole climbing acids phenomenon appears next will make the connector to corrosion, or increase the pole and connection of the contact resistance, serious also affects other equipment of power supply system.
Battery leakage phenomenon mainly by battery design and manufacture level is low or raw materials resulting from improper use. in order to prevent battery leakage phenomenon to occur, in the production process improvement pole seal technology, using high-quality pole sealant and ABS tank lid sealing technology.

1. Insufficient battery capacity
Because the battery quality is poor, although its initial capacity can meet the design rating, but for a short time, its capacity has dropped significantly, not to the provisions of life, its capacity has dropped to 80 per cent of the nominal value. Cause the battery capacity is insufficient for many reasons. Among them, the battery itself quality reasons are:
1) delete as plate deformation or breakage of corrosion;
2) battery raw materials not configured properly or not qualified;
3) production process control is not strict;
4) positive active substances softening shedding.
Battery condition and environment temperature and other factors are:
1) discharge rate too high;
2) ambient temperature too low;
3) ambient temperature high make life decreased;
Aging 4) long-term storage;
5) charging parameters are set incorrectly.
In order to prevent the battery capacity drops to the correct use and maintenance, current technology advanced battery manufacturers have already begun adopting 4BS lead paste technology and no antimony grid alloy technology. 4BS lead paste technology can effectively prevent the battery capacity drops to occur early without antimony grid alloy technology can improve the grid and the interface between the active substance, to improve the structure of battery charge acceptance.
2. Battery floating charge voltage uniformity difference
Under normal circumstances a single cell of the floating charge voltage and the average of the entire set of batteries should be no difference between > 50mV, causing the floating charge voltage uniformity difference this phenomenon was due mainly to the issue of the production process.
In order to improve the battery floating charge voltage uniformity, in the production process should strictly control the deviation of each operation.
3. Thermal runaway
Improper battery use and maintenance, and constant voltage charging period there will be a critical state, the battery charging current and temperature occur an accumulation of mutually reinforcing effect, light to cause the battery slot deformation, shorten the battery life, weight will also affected the entire power system security.
Causing thermal runaway there are many reasons:
1) battery internal gas complex reaction (which itself is the thermal reaction) makes the battery temperature rise, which in turn enable floating charge flow increases, the speed of the gas complex reaction increases;
2) battery itself is a "lean fluid" and tight Assembly structure design, causes the battery internal cooling difficulties;
3) battery temperature is too high, at higher temperatures, temperature rises 1 degree, a single battery voltage drops about 3mV, floating charge flow increases, so that the battery temperature is reached.
4. Exhaust valve failure
Exhaust valve failed when it opened the valve pressure will change, open valve pressure increases when the battery slot deformation, open valve pressure hour desiccation on big things go on like this, will give the battery negative impact of uniformity.
Exhaust valve failure was mainly attributable to the production of material and production process.

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