Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Weak current College】 【LCD TV purchase of 11 elements】.

<br> <BR> 1, see service protection is not easy though LCD LCD screen problems, but if it is a problem, maintenance is a very troublesome thing.. Most manufacturers offer ranging from 1 to 3 years warranty, some manufacturers .even offer a free onsite warranty service and maintenance costs of the relief, these small details are in the best ask before buying.. 2 dead pixels LCD LCD screen to determine the most common question is "dead pixels", although many products claim their .products are "no dead pixels", but assessment of each vendor dead pixels different standards, some vendors have dead pixels as long as. services to new ones, and some must be in accordance with the relevant assessment criteria to judge whether the product be .considered with a long dead pixels there is a product defect?. Be considered or several points or more dead pixels?. These evaluation criteria have to ask, so that damage to the interests.. Generally high-quality LCD TV for dead pixels are strictly .controlled the number 3, the screen should not be too large choice of traditional TV screens in the specification advertised as 17 inches, but the panel is surrounded by 1 inch or so can not be used to display the actual visual size of about. Only 15 .inches more.. The 15-inch LCD screen mark, the actual visual size is 15 inches.. Purchase shall be based on the size of the consumer choose the right size room, so the screen is too large instead of an oppressive feeling.. .If the living room area of 30 square meters, select 32-inch LCD TV about it.. 4, one on the current viewing angle LCD display available in the market, the viewing angle is symmetrical (that is, from the left or right you .can see the image on the screen angle is the same. For example, left 60 degrees. viewing angle, the right must be the 60-degree viewing angle).. Up and down viewing angle is usually smaller than the left and right viewing angle ... From a user standpoint, of course, the bigger the better viewing angle.. 5, the choice of brightness is the brightness of the brightness of the screen, in units of cd/m2 or called nits.. Increase the brightness of the .current in two ways: One is to increase the light through the LCD panel rate; the other is to increase the brightness of the backlight source.. Brightness is too low to show is not conducive to clear the video screen, for some dark scenes even .more helpless.. In addition, the screen brightness uniformity is also very important, but in the LCD TV product specifications, there is usually not to label.. Uniform brightness or not, and the backlight source and the mirror is closely related to the number .and configuration, better quality TV, the picture brightness uniformity, no obvious highlight.. This, the screen switches to black in the state, the more likely to capture the situation of uneven brightness.. <BR> 6, the choice of color .LCD can show wide color gamut than CRT, so if the real performance from the perspective of the object to compare colors, LCD TV is smaller than CRT TVs.. The purchase of LCD TV, choose the color adjustment models more conducive to their more natural .to adjust the color of the image.. 7, note the contrast most common entry-level model has 300:1 contrast ratio screen, the effect of medium-level models have 450:1,500:1, if the actual comparison started, drawing high .-end models display capabilities, with high contrast. screen, in the color gradient effect will be more obvious, the performance of color are more lively and rich, which mainly depends on the user's needs.. 8, no larger than 16ms response time imaging .principles as constraints, response time of LCD TV display a longer length, reflecting on the image that is prone to image blur and smear campaign, this dynamic images for film and television program is based. very negative.. This indicator is of course the smaller .the better.. After all the major LCD manufacturers efforts, most of the TV with LCD screen have done about 16ms response time, the appreciation for the TV show has basically does not constitute a problem.. 9, the resolution of image resolution LCD TV .is fixed, please remember this!. LCD monitors do not like the computer, you can adjust the resolution.. The fixed resolution of LCD TVs also its best resolution, high resolution can easily be compatible with HDTV.. The LCD screen is not the .best resolution of any video signal, the LCD TV will need to convert and then display the image resolution conversion.. For LCD TVs, the resolution is the important parameter.. Traditional CRT TV the resolution supported by more flexible, and pixel pitch of LCD .TVs has been fixed, so the support of CRT TV display mode not so much.. LCD TV's best resolution, also known as maximum resolution, in the resolution, the LCD TV can show the best image.. Showed lower resolution LCD TV display mode ., there are two ways to display.. The first one is centered: for example, XGA 1024 × 768 screen display SVGA 800 × 600 screen, only the middle of the screen 800 × 600 pixels are presented, the other has not been rendered out .of the dark pixels are maintained, the current. This method is less used.. Another called the extended display: the best resolution in the display below the screen, each pixel by interpolation to expand into the adjacent pixel display, so the entire screen is .filled, but this will reduce the original definition and. color.. LCD TVs are currently 800 × 600,1280 × 768 1366 × 768, etc. with several common resolution.. 10, the screen refresh rate for LCD monitors, the refresh rate .is high or low does not make the screen flicker.. When the 60Hz refresh rate, LCD will be able to get a good picture.. In the LCD display, each pixel continue to light until the light signal is not sent to the controller, .so the LCD monitor will not be caused by constant charging and discharging the flash.. 11, no less than 50,000 hours life with some low-priced LCD TV life is relatively short, and therefore special attention.. Backlight lamp life is the life of .LCD TV, LCD TV backlighting the general life of 5 million hours.. That is, if you use the LCD TV on average 5 hours a day, the 5 million hours of life mean that you can use this LCD TV for 27 years ...

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