Saturday, January 1, 2011

College】 【weak market development of three major trends in water heaters】.

<br> <BR> trend: environment protection and energy saving refrigerators, energy-saving air conditioning several years ago into the people's attention. .Contrast refrigerators, air conditioners, the water heater's energy problem has been ignored, but its power is quite amazing. .A home appliance store sales manager, told reporters that although air-conditioning power consumption, but highly seasonal, usually only use three or four months in the summer. .The water heaters have to use it throughout the year, electricity consumption will be greater. .How energy-saving, water heater this year the most popular topic. .July 1 this year, China began to enforce energy efficiency standards for gas water heater. .The new standard gas water heater is divided into three levels of energy efficiency, including a maximum energy efficiency, thermal efficiency value of not less than 96%. .Thermal efficiency is lower than 84% of the gas water heater will not sell. .From March 1 next year, all gas water heaters should be labeled energy-efficiency labeling, consumers can intuitively identify the level of energy saving products. .Boom in energy-saving environmental protection, had the edge in the market of solar water heaters have been wandering a firm foothold. .In recent years, the market has also been a new type of energy-saving water heaters - air source heat pump water heaters, also known as heat pump water heaters. .According to reports, these water heaters heat the air by the absorption heat pump system to take water, energy efficiency is more than 4 times the water heater, is the world's most advanced energy saving hot water system. .However, due to the higher price, the public is poorly understood, there is little the public to buy. .Trends: Technology Innovation, "the water is too cold, and to help transfer large point of fire!" In the past people used gas water heaters have this experience, in order to prevent gas poisoning, the water heater installed in the bathroom, but it is not convenient adjustment of water temperature .often need someone to help. .Now the situation has improved. .Many gas water heater installed in the bathroom remote thermostat devices, the use of gas water heater, no longer need the level of the water yelling for the. .Moreover, the micro-computer control, LCD display, anti-temperature, leakage power and other technologies are applied to the current water heater. .Haier home appliances water heater also hit the network's slogan, the city reporter in the city to see an electric water heater is also remote control through the telephone, even if no one at home, but also its operation. .According to the salesperson introduced by these high-tech appliances than younger public. .Three trends: fashion models of the water heater is now not only a great improvement in quality, appearance has become increasingly fashionable. .Especially in the hot water heater, its small size, stylish design and beautiful appearance, many of the hot water heater also uses color panel, more personalized. .For storage water heaters and air source heat pump water heater, although there is a large tank, but the manufacturer will be through a variety of methods designed to streamline. .Some brands of heaters designed its products will be hidden, and can be embedded in the wall, will not impact on the bathrooms..

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