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Weak current College】 【electronic industry in English (9)】.

I current symbols
IAS international audiovisual Institute
IAVC-international audio-visual Centre
IAVTC international audiovisual technology center
IBU International Broadcasting Union
Ic IC, internal connection
V o I c launch drain time collector-base reverse cut-off current
Identification ID
Idler wheel, mediations, idlers air runner
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission, IC electronic components
IEEE (United States) electrical and electronic engineers
IERE (United Kingdom) electronics and radio engineers
IHF fidelity Association IHFM fidelity manufacturing Association
Illuminance of illumination, illumination
IM cross modulation, cross modulation amplitude modulation, mutual
Image image, images
Imd intermodulation distortion
Impedance impedance
Impedancecharacteristic impedance characteristics
Impedancecoupling impedance coupled
Impedancematching impedance matching
Improve improving, enhancing
Impulse pulse, impulse
Impurity impurities
IN input, input
Incidentangle incidence angle of sound or light contact or through the surface of the vertical line between the angle formed by the
Incoming introduced, entered
Increment an incremental
Increase to increase and improve
IIND index, mark
Independent independent of, unrelated
Indiction indicates
Indirect indirect
Individual individual, separate, unique
Indoor Interior
Induced induction of
Inductance inductance
Induction induction
Inductionnoise induced noise
Inductivecoupling inductive coupling
Inductivereactance inductive reactance
Inductor inductance
Inductormicrophone inductive microphones
Inertia inertia
Infinite infinity
Infinitebaffle speaker boxes, infinity (speakers) divisions
Information information, materials, data, information, reports,
Infra following, Asia, low, time ~
Infrared infrared
Infrasonic-audio, sound
Inherent natural
Inhibit the prohibition
Initial start, the initial
Early polls initialsetting (location)
Inlead inlet
Inside the inner
In-phase phase (bit)
Input input, input terminals
Inputdevice input device
Inputselector input selector
Inputsensitivity input sensitivity
Inputtransformer input transformer
Enter the choice INSEL
Insert to insert, embed, plug-
Instantreplay instant replay
Instantaneous instantaneous
Instantaneoussoundpressure instantaneous sound pressure
Instruction instructions
Instrument instrument
Insulation insulation materials
Insulator crimps
Integrated integral, comprehensive, integrated
Integratedcircuit IC
Intelligibility intelligibility, sharpness
The intensity, the brightness intensity
Intensitylevel sound intensity
Interaction interference, interaction
Interactioncrosstalk crosstalk between
Intercom communication
Interconnection interconnects, internal connection
Interface interface, interface, interface, junction
Interference interference
Interlocking interlock
Intermediate Middle, intermediary
Continuous, intermittent intermittent
Intermittentmotion batch move
Intermodulation inter-modulation, cross-modulation
Intermodulationdistortion cross modulation distortion
Internal internal
Internalinputimpedance internal input impedance
Internalresistance internal resistance
International International + j4X5oQ * O * s
Translate machine interpreter, interpreter, interpreter
interrUpt interrupt
Interrupter chopper
Interstage between levels
Interstagetransformer Interstage transformers
Interval interval, intervals, the intervals (music)
Intonation inflection, circumflex
Intrinsic inherent, this syndrome
Intrinsicmaterial intrinsic material
Intrinsicnoise inherent noise
Introduction presentation, browse
Inverse contrast, rounds of
Inversefeedback negative feedback
Inverter inverter, converter
I/O input/output
Ionictweeter ion treble speakers
Ionization ionization, ionization
Ionophone ion speakers
Ips inch/sec
Iron-corecoil core coils
Irreqularity irregular
ISO International Organization for Standardization
Isolation isolation
Isotropic isotropic, no to sex
IT information technology

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