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【 Weak current College 】 led industry into orderly competition era 】

Since 2003 the National Semiconductor lighting, LED lighting industry gradually entered the fast-growing phase. Particularly in recent years, industry development in full swing, denotation, chip, package Enterprise up everywhere. However, with increasingly rapid industrial development, the industry standard loss of disadvantages also more and more obvious. Therefore, the relevant sector several years ago the standard-setting work, hoping to promote LED lighting industry norms and rapid development.

Recently, the national lighting electrical Standardization Committee and Ministry of industry and information standards working group to develop LED lighting of various led lighting standards in well-documented after the last review, after the approval is expected to rise to national standards. This caused a tremendous impact in the industry, the industry believes that this will become the LED industry an important step forward, will lead the industry from a State of disorder into orderly competition, to promote the sound development of the LED industry.

LED standard ready

According to reports, the national lighting Standardization Committee has 12 standard led illumination adopted the basic validation, PTD led lighting standard working group has seven LED standards through basic validation, if well, these standards are relevant to the management's further approval, is expected to be promulgated in the year. Industry insiders said the LED standard after numerous experts and enterprises have experienced several years of hard work, finally written articles are more balanced and comprehensive basic also reflects the current status of led lighting, reflects the industry, business, users of common interests and long-term interests.

Since LED areas extremely broad, standard-setting work is unusual complex. According to coema optoelectronic devices Sub-Council Peng Wanhua, LED standard system contains two major aspects: on the one hand, includingdefinitions, classifications and methods underlying standards; on the other hand is the application of standards, including the outdoor landscape lighting, interior lighting, road lighting and general lighting, security, special, medicine, etc. The Ministry of industry and information reporting led lighting standards working group is to base of most of the standards, the national lighting electrical Standardization Committee declared standard is very much related to applications, including LED in the field of application of road lighting, etc, on the standard industry, significant. Since the last couple of years LED landscape lighting and road lighting area large spread, if there are no standards for guidance, may well lead to a low level duplication and wasted resources on the one hand, and on the other hand, is not conducive to LED landscape lighting on roads and in the long run. Of course, Wanhua also said that through this approval standards only involve a part of LED application areas, as the LED to the progressive development of a wide range of applications, to gradually, standards also needs to be further developed and improved.

The impact on the industry produces a multi-party

Some in the industry believe that LED lighting related national standards issued after the LED industry will be facing a major adjustment. To this end, Peng Wanhua said that LED to different industry chain enterprises affected by the standards of the impact is also not the same, so far is the industry's "Shuffle". He said, at present, China's production LED Epitaxial, chip and other upstream products have 26, standard introduced these enterprises will result in a greater impact. Because the standards reflects certain forward-looking, some of the specification is high, the enterprise technology standards if it is not up to standard requirements, you will face difficulties. He suggested that these companies early consolidation, increased research and development strength and appropriate implementation of the merger between enterprises to foster greater competitive enterprises. For do encapsulation, applied downstream enterprise, Wanhua is optimistic that the effect of these enterprises.

Hangzhou distant photoelectric information co., Ltd. Chairman and Technical Director of studies at root also said that the standard introduced for most enterprises, is a long-term advantage. Although a small number of enterprises are not fit, but as long as there is a clear standards, Enterprise after short-term pain will soon adapt was really out of the enterprise should only be the minority. Therefore he advises companies on new market positioning and product planning, to seize the led lighting standards issued after the LED industry pattern adjustment of new opportunities and to invest the necessary quality assurance means to fight for the early occupation of the commanding heights.

Participation in standards development of Emperor photoelectron co., Ltd. Technical Director Sue compliance-believes that the high level of technology enterprises, the introduction of the standard is very beneficial to the enterprise. Because the industry standard is very low, even without standards, leading to the upper and lower reaches of the corporate powers and responsibilities are not clear between the upstream and downstream customers of business disputes. Enterprise sometimes different in order to meet the demand, but increasing the pressure on the cost and technology. Instead of the standard published after you avoid this phenomenon, we can follow the specifications for production and sales.

Aim international peer

Because of the LED is a new sunrise industry, the world's standards development work currently underway. United States, Germany, Japan, Korea and China Taiwan has attached great importance to the work of standardization LED lighting. United States currently has several LED standards promulgated and published speed is the speed of trends, Taiwan recently also launched a number of related standards. The industry recommendations, could in the proper range with a number of countries and regions such as Taiwan, joint research and development of the standard, after all, the domestic standards cannot be separated from the global environment of mutual benefit and will contribute to the development of the industry.

Referring to the same led industry in developed countries and regions in the standards gap, Su Hui said that produce the compliance gap of the main reasons is that these regions LED technology level ahead of China, the technical standards of some nature advanced. For example, the LED light emitting efficiency is an important indicator to measure LED, and the parameters currently in Japan laboratory have reached 170lm/w, production can achieve 120 ~ 150lm/w, but in China has not yet reached this level, this is the standard resulting gaps. But as technologyThe embargo imposed on, China led industry want to break through this technology gap is not an easy task. Peng Wanhua represents, in addition, international standards for more details, such as on light-emitting efficiency, luminous intensity and luminous parameter requirements of very fine, these are worth learning. But he also expressed concern about the present situation: "in addition to related organizations abroad organizations developing technical standards and research, there are some big corporation is developing some LED product standards and technical performance standard, they are to your own product, want to monopolize the market, this phenomenon should be attracted attention. ”

The industry pointed out that the standard is necessary to adapt the level of technology, as well as with international standards for good convergence. It is reported that in some areas such as backlight standards, country in the world are leading level, this is a very good guide, leading standards will lead the industry leadership position and achieve healthy development.

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