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【 Weak current College 】 of e-government system to run the specific policy 】 credit

Summary: this article explains the e-government system to run credibility on the basis of the importance, separate from the technical and management aspects, developed appropriate strategies for e-government system running credit provides some suggestions and ideas.

Keywords: e-government run credibility of specific policy


Preface to the 21st century to computer technology and communication technology as the core, to network, marked by the modern information science and technology progress and fast development of a human into the information age. At present, e-government run has become Governments in meeting the information the choice of the times, and confronts vitality. Faced with increasingly rising States e-Government in the face of the wave, the considerable social resources, citizens, businesses, Governments and departments are both on the national Government introduced the credit requirements, Governments are actively will run as e-Government to improve Government and public relations between credit. Although China's e-Government is in its infancy, but our citizens, enterprises, Governments and departments have made suitable for China's e-government development credit request that requires electronic government to provide quality service, and to achieve the Government's online credit management, thereby driving the entire Government credit management system in construction [1]. To do this, run the e-Government in China must respond positively to citizens, businesses, Governments and sector demands, doing my Government online credit management, thus contributing to a socialist market economy and sustainable development.
In nearly 20 countries conducted opinion polls indicate that a considerable part, or even most of the citizens, on the political parties, Government, Parliament, upper House of the Executive agencies, the military, police, unions and other government departments and organizations of the "full trust" or "not trusted" [2] [3]. This is also confirmed by other polls. This shows that meet citizens, enterprises, Governments and sector demands, is the e-Government to provide quality services. Valuable in developed countries on the basis of experience, combined with China's e-Government to run the actual situation, the use of e-Government runs a latecomer, absorption that e-commerce run credibility of successful experiences, from the technical and management aspects, to develop strategies to ensure our country's e-government run credibility.
(I) technical aspects
⒈-building at all levels of Government Web sites, shaping the image of e-Government credit
To all levels of Government websites in the first place. At present different Government in the e-government run focus on the obvious differences — building intranets, engage in Office Automation, engage and interworking, housing information centre. Because the site is both an image of the Government online, and also the external services of the platform, if at all levels of Government, overlooked on the website, will affect the overall operation of the e-Government.
The e-Government websites as promoting e-Government a priority to strengthen government websites as a starting point, the consolidation of government services, promote the transformation of government functions, improve the Government's relationship with the public. The establishment should not be the target of Government Web sites, and use is the value of Government websites. Those who only pay attention to website construction, while neglecting the site use error tendencies, inevitably affect e-government run in the minds of the public. This requires alllevels of government leaders must take the lead and put yourself in technologies and business guidance for Government Web sites to provide development opportunities, and to give financial support. When the face website "consciousness is not enough, not enough attention is not enough," the problem of knowledge, Governments should actively strengthen government website of awareness-raising and training, such as knowledge about Government Web sites, popular lectures that citizens, enterprises and civil service recognizes administrations Web site structure, functions, and benefits to itself; when facing website "management and mechanisms, awareness of service is not strong, ineffective", run the e-Government should focus on strengthening Government Web site evaluation and inspection instructions, such as the establishment of Government Web sites for information acquisition, editing and publishing mechanism to ensure that all departments of Government information in a timely and open manner publish; face "infrastructure, insufficient influence poor user" and many other problems, all levels of Government should continue to strengthen the infrastructure, such as improving Government Web site storage space, bandwidth and security facilities to citizens, business and civil advocacy is play network effects, increase the value of the key measures of the site, such as through local media and Government advocacy materials, files, and so on many kinds of advertising campaign Web site, you can even carry out some activities to attract the public access to Government websites [4].
⒉ established multiple audit mechanisms, building a secure and rational system structure
E-Government as a future information society in the work of the main forms of Government, its managers, service providers and service objects must be explicitly to their own position and responsibilities and to adopt a unified credit service mechanism to ensure that different business categories of government departments also works on e-Government. As e-Government credit service system user role is with the user's permissions related [5], so the user role assignments, the General need to set up multiple audit program. Corresponds to the electronicChief credit service system, the requirements of the certificate application process should provide to the support of multiple audit mechanism. This enhanced auditing process is the e-Government trust services system is unique, and e-government services system itself has a higher classification level or the level of security. In particular, establish multiple audit mechanism should primarily consists of two aspects.
⑴ e-Government credit service system for business processes (including certificate applications, certificate updates certificate revocation, and other basic operations processes) must support distributed operational auditing features that allow different business departments under its responsibility, to service the request for review, the question to all the various steps of the audit, general adoption credit services business processes in order to continue.
⑵ must weigh all of the operations audit process with traces of retention and validation support for audit management functions with the appropriate management responsibility, provide the ability for the responsibility of tracking.
Compared with the e-commerce credit service system, e-Government credit service system of trusted domain structure is more complicated, its services and the authorization relationship between more closely. Run the e-Government, e-Government credit service system of multiple role determines the network must be used for specific administrative functions divide that corresponds to the number of trusted domain structure. Only this kind of structure of e-Government credit service system can effectively reduce the e-Government on the complexity of the credit system, and can implement e-Government and e-commerce business credit services system.
㈡ management
⒈ build honest ideas to promote the credit environment for e-Government
China, as the ancient civilizations and meanwhile, honest and trustworthy and history. As the market economy development, honesty and trustworthiness of the connotation is constantly expanding. We must take a new look at the idea of a moral, social, legal and economic meaning honest and trustworthy [6].
Our country should rely on deep faith tradition, culture and education as a whole will credit a basic education, thereby establishing the concept of Government credit to promote good e-Government credit environment. In the whole of society, within the scope of the concept of establishing credit resources, honesty and trustworthiness as a scarce social resources; foster economic view, credit in order to reduce transaction costs and maximize the value of the economy; creating all honest fashion to ensure that the Socialist market economy. On this basis, it should also be strengthening the civil service of honesty and trustworthiness. This not only on individuals, businesses and other organizations played an exemplary role, also on the building society's honesty is critical [7]. On the civil service, and its quality is the base. If the policy setting to confusions, that variable is, to say the leaders will cause generation of government-wide effects of distrust the Government decision of credit will be substantially lower; if civil law offices, laizhang breach, Obscura will increase citizens ' trust in the Government not to affect the smooth running of the e-Government.
In addition, the Government should clearly recognize that, as the representative of the public interest, if even the Government's lack of credibility, you cannot create an honest social environment, enterprises and individuals are also in order to pursue the interests of maximizing the neglect of integrity. This requires government departments actively organize, write a modern credit knowledge ofuniversal teaching material, in conjunction with the school, Institute of (School of) do leaders, civil servants, business leaders and experimental units of personnel training. In the whole of society to build credibility and trustworthiness of philosophy, pay attention to the community's own credit evaluation, enhancement of the various types of false consciousness and behavior guard self-protection ability, thus forming a "code of honor you, breaking even a" good social situation.
⒉ strengthening government service function, realization of e-Government credit management
China's accession to the WTO, strengthen the e-government services functions as the public's expectations and requirements, it is my current general direction of the administrative reform. Its goal is to change the functions of the Government, control and regulate the market economic order. Specifically, it should be from the following seven areas strengthen e-government services functions [5] [11]:
(1) for e-commerce to provide a good environment to run. The Government in advancing the development of electronic commerce in the main features are: from a strategic understanding of e-commerce development in China, it is necessary to reinforce the importance of e-commerce of propaganda to raise community and public awareness on e-business; to foster e-commerce expertise in public education in the e-commerce, e-commerce public basic mastery of skills and knowledge; the establishment by the national authorizing authority as security authentication mechanisms and systems; actively promoting electronic data exchange technology widely; accelerating e-commerce legislation.
(2) organize public information service system. E-government run through the establishment of various repository to collect Government on all aspects of data and information for government departments and community with a variety of information services, such as government information, City Journal, policies and regulations,information bulletins, address book, news, events, government agencies, fighting corruption and promoting information, hot tracking, market dynamics, online forums, online surveys, etc. Integration of information resources, create a public information service system, is designed to address the governance of openness and transparency, not only is the e-government run by the duties and responsibilities, and also the legal empowerment of the public right to know the powerful embodiment.
Perfect electronic authentication system. E-authentication not only ensures that e-government run * and safety, but it can also use a smart card or other forms of collection of personal medical information, personal ID, job status, personal credit, personal experience, income and tax situation, provident funds, endowment insurance, real estate information, fingerprints and other identity
Identification information, through the network for the Government sector for the convenience of the program.
(3) for the social security institutions to provide technology platform. The advanced experience of developed countries, the Government's social protection sector should use electronic data interchange (EDI), magnetic cards, cards and other technical functions deal with the various social security business, directly to the Government's social welfare, social security delivered to beneficiaries. E-government run to complete electronic payment features, you must strengthen "network AG"Building. According to the present more recognized evaluation standards, at least to Internet Bank offers five types of business, i.e. online checking account, electronic offsite settlement, online currency data transfer, interactive services and online personal credit. In addition, the social security systems should also strive to develop a wider range of functions [12].
Strengthen the e-Government capability of dealing with government services. First, e-Government through the establishment of a comprehensive electronic mail system, and the provision of electronic directory services to improve Government and between Government and social communication efficiency between; Secondly, through the operation of electronic document system, to ensure standardization of official documents, scientific and paperless; again, electronic file management also enables electronic file file management, directory management, archives, library, archives and other archives on their statistics for the entire program; Finally, the Government data processing system services for the Government to deal with a variety of business. If customs policy, organization, and personal tax, Government approval, the Government proclamation of publishing, etc, make it possible to carry out business hosting to the Government, and direct access to relevant documents on the Internet.
⒊ sound legal system to ensure the integrity and impartiality of e-Government
Accelerating e-Government's legal system to protect the image of the electronic government credit. E-government run not only relates to the future of our country's Government, also relates to the future of the Socialist market economy. In order to ensure that e-Government to live up to public expectations, it is necessary to accelerate e-government legal system construction. From our reality, and strengthen the e-government legal system should do four aspects of work [14]:
First, modify some existing laws and regulations, to improve the legal system of e-Government.
Secondly, the implementation of the fundamental laws of e-Government. This was mainly the establishment and conduct of the General information related to the number of laws and regulations. Including the specification of the subject of e-government run and its organic law and procedures of the program, mainly with the implementation of e-government administrative bodies, as well as the implementation of the administrative act program-related laws and regulations. Third, implementation of e-government activities in the core of laws and regulations. This is about the Government information network, the Government information website, Government, paperless office and other direct specification of e-government activities of laws and regulations. Fourth, the development of specific e-government operation of laws and regulations. This area of law is primarily concerned with electronic signatures and e-procurement, online reporting, online answers, and other activities.
E-Government should establish detailed guidelines and policies, encouraging citizens, enterprises, Governments and departments actively into the supervision activities of the e-government run, contributed to the strong e-government oversight mechanisms. To network communication technology as the core of the popularity of the mass media, making e-Government and indeed the entire Government is like goldfish Aquarium, in every subject to public review and evaluation. Government specifications developed by running the e-government guidelines and policies to "expose" assumed before the public, e-government run level, legitimacy and accountability have been subjected to extensive oversight of the entire society. These are avoided for personal gain, bribery and bartering Government breaking behavior. E-government run by Government Affairs will increase the transparency of public power to run, effectively inhibit the phenomenon of corruption, favoritism, the citizens, businesses, Governments and sector easier on e-Government and the entire Government for effective supervision, thus establishing a comprehensive government oversight mechanisms, to ensure that public
Administrative acts of a clean and fair.

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