Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weak current College】 【static induction on the network of】.

Slow phenomenon caused by the network for several reasons, but there is a factor often not much interesting, that is, static induction; due to electrostatic induction, inconspicuous in troubleshooting process will often ignore it, but they can make both induction electrostatic network card for no reason "strike", but also can affect the normal transmission network signal. Therefore we are surfing the Internet, not only to avoid electrostatic induction on the network have failed, and it must be timely measures to respond to ReleaseThe network fault is thrown.
Static induction lead card without a strike
Sometimes open the network connections window, you will see one of the local area connection icon is always grey is not set state, even if the network connection breaks into another slot, symptom persists. If you confirm the network card hardware of damage has occurred, then the only solution is to replace the new card; if we cannot confirm that the NIC itself is corrupted, it can take up to the card surface cleaning, after all, the network card in the air humidity larger environment, the air moisture and dust will mix piled up in the card surface, thus raises static induction failure.
In the event of a strike for the network card, network card in the exclusion of their own hardware failure factors, we can set the card slot from the motherboard, and soft thin brush clean off covering the surface of the dust, and then use the eraser to card edge connector surface clean dirt, finally also do not forget to various socket on the motherboard for the cleaning of dirt. Believe that such cleaning work, most of them can make the network connection status back to normal.
Static induction effect network signal transmission
When using a dial-up Internet access ADSL broadband, perhaps the first dial-up faster, but over time, we may be obviously feel slower dial-up, and discover network response significantly retarded. Experience symptoms, we should first check for the existence of ADSL itself, excluding hardware failure in the factors that most of the computer's static induction phenomenon in the "cause". At this time, we may wish to give a hand to touch the computer chassis shell, if obvious stab hand feeling, it can be proved that the network slow failure is caused by induction electrostatic; to eliminate such symptoms, as long as we find a root can be electrically conductive metal copper wire, end the connection to the computer chassis, insert the other end and to the surface of steel or iron tablets connected to your computer for static induction phenomenon is completely settled.
Prevention of electrostatic induction brings network failure
Static induction phenomenon is everywhere, if we do not pay attention to prevention, it secretly in our normal Internet access, serious can damage your computer's core parts. In order to allow network connections from induction electrostatic attacks, we can take the following measures to prevent:
1. use the cable shield performance
Because the Internet signal from the network connection cable for transmission, if the cables themselves shielded ESD is not strong, then the network signal transmission speed and stability will naturally be affected, so the selection of good quality, shielded strong network connection cable is to ensure that the network connection away from static attacks one of the important links!
2. control of the Internet environment humidity
If the Internet environment in the air too dry or too humid, very easily lead to accumulation of static electricity, the resulting static induction phenomenon. So when you feel the air excess humidity, you can try moving the Internet location, make sure that the computer be in ventilation and lighting of the location, or you can use professional air dehumidification device to reduce air humidity; if feel excessive air drying, you can try to put in the work environment with a small bucket of water, in the conditions permitting, you can use air humidifier to compensate air moisture.
3, ingenious will potentially electrostatic discharge out
Our online operations, if wearing a sweater that woolen clothes, the body is very easy to potential static, these static is not timely release out, in the unconscious affect Internet efficiency. Release human potential electrostatic, you only need to be hand touch the ground metal objects such as window border or water pipes, etc.

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