Monday, January 3, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 what students should learn SCM knowledge 】

Many of the school's students write to me, asked at school should learn what electronic knowledge. employment situation increasingly grim, not only in China, global, global economy slowing down the pace of development, at least last for a few years now entered in the semiconductor industry-low, many companies layoffs and losses but technology or in progress, Moore's law is still in effect, the semiconductor product integration, speed, price according to Moore's law in development at the University just mix the students many bagpipe, but there are some efforts of students to acquire more knowledge,

Hope to be able to find good after graduation, or want to create a career, for these students, I'm appreciative. I believe that a hard one harvest, your efforts will not be wasted. the world is the fittest, bushizhe out social-like Huawei, in and out of countless, adaptable, stay, not adapt, go.
Friends have asked me, your University may be going through? I'm a keen interest in electronics, in high school began to grasp the electric iron, the home appliances made of mess (clearance, do not know how to put back, of course, now does it) at the University, I was very interested in the e-mail, they also buy some devices (I studied in Guangzhou Zhongshan University, Guangzhou is a good market, the components are easy to buy, whether old or new, start time, their pockets don't have much money, buy some old components) and then himself assembled audio, it's a start problem, carried out a semester get, due to problems, so I often go to the library to look up information, go to the bookstore to see (no money to buy books when you copy a paragraph return), learned a lot of analog circuit knowledge. Subsequently you assemble the inverter (school night lights, no electricity), inverter can turn off the lights when providing electricity, other quarters are power outages, I would not have stopped the dormitory (with inverter), one to turning off the lights, the students went to our hostel to chat (other quarters are black), also its music melt, there are in the middle of watching the game. also assembled CD, VCD, video recorder, our hostel has become the entertainment centre, karaoke, you can watch TV, watch a video, the entire Department of physics, our hostel is the most complete entertainment installations do not know how many have seen the VCD, many students are Guangzhou, from home and get a lot of VCD (and some students of dad was caught smuggling, collected a lot of VCD, also take over look), 6 p.m., began to drop VCD, many people see. through these Assembly, learn a lot about analog and digital circuits in terms of knowledge, while my other courses to learn is not good, but the circuit course is excellent.
SCM and fpga knowledge, at the University of not much, since school is lagging behind, is to learn.
I think for engaging in electronic, interest is the best teacher, if you are not interested in, then it is best not to select an professional, because after all, sometimes tired (a small problem might toss about half a day), very often it is theoretically possible, in practice it is blocked.
Gossip rarely say or tell what should grasp. electronic knowledge many knowledge than the computer does not know how many more times, learning the computer, as long as the master several languages on the can, while engaging in electronic, need knowledge to many, such as analog circuit, digital circuit, microprocessor, circuit plate-making, and so on ... ... Because electronic knowledge too much, so I generally get hardware companies have more employees, the Division of labour is relatively small, because the limited capacity of one person, it is not possible to acquire all the knowledge for example some person specially designed shell, some specially designed circuit boards, some people specifically engage factory testing, some specialized programming, some specializing in logic design, some people specifically engage in high-frequency wireless ...
People ask me, you now want to switch to?, my answer is no, because no matter what you do, the more you learn, not refined or useless. electronic industry needs a lifetime commitment to dedicated line, instead of row row. I lost in the microcomputer, CPLD, a better basis for engaging in this kind of design will be handy, if you change the level of design, such as the design of the casing, will all start from scratch.
So at the University, must master the basics (this is necessary, after all, you never know what to do after graduation to work), basic knowledge mainly analog circuits and digital circuits and knowledge of advanced mathematics (compulsory) and then focus on some level of knowledge, such as SCM, FPGA and PCB design, DSP (these are optional), do not learn anything, your own interest, conditional learn some people of resume writing to learn what's what, set out a lot, I think that this person is bragging, or learning without sperm. each area, to be proficient in, not to mention a year for two years, may 10, 8 years, have learned if I go to recruit, I would look for in a resume of knowledge is not very complex, but who have mastered these people usually have-more experience than the theory to practice is important, for engaging in electronic, in particular, high frequency, theory, but in practice are often impassable, practice administrator and difficult to resolve in theory.
For single-chip, the main learning about 51 MCU, despite a number of other single-chip, such as AVR, PIC, MSP430, ST, MOTOROLA, etc, but the enterprise or 51 most, engage in electronic manufacturers, No 51, is one of the few you for job seekers understand 51, many companies can go, but other SCM, if not, then he will not consider inviting you to go in the other course for some to understand that the SCM is, of course, you can, but the focus is on the main 51 51 development tools more mature, but also a considerablenumber of suppliers, goods issues do not consider .51 open kernel, many manufacturers, and other kernel is an open, exclusive production.Learning 51, mainly to KeilC51, to learn, because KeilC51 is the world's best (personal opinion) compiler, understand keil also many, technical support complete. to KeilC51V6.xx version-based learning, do not use the DOS version or the version KeilC51V5.xx has almost eliminated, only some simulation Eagle is deemed baby, embedded low version of the compiler, this practice has always been behind. now specifically describe KeilC51V6.xx book yet, in order to help you learn, and the times that I wrote some tutorial, for everyone to reference. time to look at some other SCM information.
PCB plate, you can learn about Protel99, Protel99 books a lot, it's easy to buy, the circuit plate need learning time don't need many, can master it, the best conditions to make your own actual circuit boards.
CPLD, FPGA is programmable logic circuit, this is necessary to spend time learning, some enterprises still lag behind in technology, but also often use 8155, 8237, 138, some old chip. There is no way, school learning are the CPLD with gal, has been completely replace these circuits and also cheap.-some friends sent me circuit I saw it, dizziness, a heap of 74hc00, 74hc04, 4069, 373, 138, the Board is very big, why not a GAL, or CPLD get? not only with these chips, circuit wiring complexity, problematic, and affect yield, easily copied to create more complex logic that non-CPLD, FPGA is the design of the .CPLD mainly Xilinx and Altera two companies can learn of. one of the Development Board, these generally can buy, many people make and sell. my site is mainly to Altera's primary, because the software is free, my site is downloaded, the chip is also easy to buy. learning to graphic design, language design, after all, are still rather abstract, there are times you can burn it, learn about the VHDL language.
DSP knowledge, to learn who has better mathematical basis, if your math, you can take a good look at the threshold of the .DSP design is relatively high, development tools are also more expensive, the University set up a dsp fewer courses, general school no conditions to learn, there are conditions to learn, learn, no conditions, do not learn it.
Other knowledge, such as high-frequency circuits, shell design (AutoCAD), belongs to the professional knowledge of relatively strong, learning the professional can learn, not the professional, you can not learn.
1. learning analog circuits and digital circuits, basic knowledge of advanced mathematics, etc.
2. compulsory microcontroller, PCB Board design
3. Optional CPLD, DSP, high frequency circuit design, shell, etc.
4. ability to learn more, small, learning capacity is less.
5. pay attention to practice, practice, and theory to reality.

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