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【 Weak current College 】 wireless network basics of you ask me for II 】

Common wireless network protocol?

The most common with IEEE802.11, IEEE802.11a, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g. Where: IEEE802.11 is IEEE (Institute of electrical and electronics engineers) initially developed a wireless LAN standard.

IEEE802.11b also called Wi-Fi, using open 2.4GHz direct sequence spread spectrum, maximum data transfer rate of 11Mbps, according to the signal strength of the rate adjustment for 5.5Mbps, 2Mbps and 1Mbps bandwidth. No straight lines transmission range is the largest 300 meters outdoors, indoor obstacle of maximum 100 m, is now used by most of the transport protocol.

Currently on the market of wireless products essentially consistent with IEEE802.11g agreement 54M products, transport faster SUPERG wireless products (108M), well received by many customers.

I need to purchase those products in order to set up a wireless home wireless network?

General set up a basic wireless network is equipped with a wireless network card and a wireless router. If you are a few computer-to-peer network, you don't need to buy a wireless router, you only need every computer is equipped with a wireless card.

Because wireless routing itself is a combination of wireless + wired, we use the wireless functions also can use the wired connection, wired + wireless networking will make your home network becomes more flexible.

AP for short, General translation AccessPoint to "wireless access nodes", or "bridge". For the average home user, unless your room is very large, otherwise there is no need to purchase a wireless AP, and the price of an AP is generally more expensive than wireless routing.

In addition, the authors suggest that you purchase a wireless products are the best unified 54M or 108M products, if mutual conspiracy used, effect will be greatly diminished. And with the brand of the product, in the compatibility area might be better, and to set the form of purchase (wireless routing + wireless card) price is more expensive.

WI-FI and WiMAX distinction?

Wi-Fi is a wireless LAN (WirelessLAN, WLAN) access technology, its signal transmission radius of only a few hundred meters away. Wi-Fi so that a variety of portable devices (mobile phone, laptop, PDA, etc.) to a small area by arrangement of access device access LAN, thus the realization and Internet connection. Wi-Fi network using cordless phones and other devices used by the public channel, as long as there is a "hot spot" and a high-speed Internet connection, it may be around hundreds of meters of distance that you use a Wi-Fi network.

WiMax is a Wireless metropolitan area network (MAN), access technologies, its signal transmission RADIUS can reach 50 km, basically can cover to the suburbs. It is this long-distance transmission characteristics, WiMax can not only solve the problem, the wireless access can also be used as wired Internet access (Cable, DSL) of the wireless extensions, and conveniently realize remote areas of the network connection.

WiMax, Wi-Fi and 3 g

Wireless signal interference problems seriously? stability?
The signal will be interference and wireless signal same.

Our wireless products and other consumer products used in the same frequency of radio waves (2.4GHz), so the interference between them is inevitable. So I suggest to you, if you install a wireless network at home, as far away as possible from other bands in the equipment, 2.4GHz try to avoid interference. Home Digital Cordless phones and microwave ovens "signal" killers are we must pay attention.

Avoid signal interference

Wireless products at home which fit?

Wireless routing placed in position even may signal discernible impact.

1: determine the wireless router and there are no obstacles between clients. (Try to avoid too many obstructions)

2: it is best to put our wireless router in a higher place, such as hanging on the wall. Some people like to put the router in the lower, more subtle, so on wireless communications.

3: avoid other 2.4G sources of interference, for example: microwave ovens, 2.4GHZ silent phone and Bluetooth devices.

I was fooled?

Indicate the 108M 54M or wireless products, would not be able to achieve the desired speed, is not a few of our merchants are?

54M product theoretically transfer rate is 54/8 is near 7M per second, while theoretically 108M product transfer speeds are 108/8 to 13 point number M per second. Theoretical speed of 54M 108M is doubled.

In fact authenticated and we once again, the actual test 54M product transfer speeds can reach about 20M 108M products are generally around the 40M.

Wireless LAN can play CS?

Entertainment always guided the sources of some trendy, wireless products. As for wireless networks can play a game online, play CS in the LAN, through our practical test conclusion is positive.

Test site

We have used a 108M wireless routing and 12 Centrino notebook set up a wireless LAN (actually quite a 54M network) and 12 simultaneous CS1.6 game, PING values are mostly in the 20 or so, but in rare cases of delay, the remainder of the basic effect with a wired network. (Also, in this test we also especially with online video broadcasting means test have a wireless network)

Wireless network play CS

This test, we will soon launch a special form (evaluation of us joined a lot of live video, you will feel a more real-world wireless world), stay tuned.

Now being hesitant to purchase 11M, 54M or 108M products

For home wireless environment, I would like to use the "wired access, wireless application" in this sentence to describe is more appropriate. After all, our broadband only poor 512K, 11M wireless products for us is more than enough already.

11M, 54M and 108M products the biggest difference is the speed of the reaction in the LAN, now 11M products have been disappeared, 54M became absolute mainstream, price or even close before 11M products, so I also suggest that you purchase 54M instead 11M products. As regards 108M products in addition to individual like TP-LINK so cheap, the most in more than $ 400, and many businesses have put 108M (SUPERG) positioned in the SOHO user level, I believe that unless you are on the home LAN transmission speeds are relatively high, otherwise buy now or some luxury.

Now what about wireless products priced?

As for price, we took the most widely 54M products. $ 300, you should calculate the price of a watershed, like some of our very well known wireless brand, its products are mostly in 54M below $ 300, the price we will have a lot of choice.

The rapid development of wireless networks and universal application does to our life is made easier, but the current wireless technology issues to be resolved. Price, I believe that as time goes on and the wide application of technology, wireless and will start again "from the chip to the sand trolls."

Wireless digital home is believed to be the future direction of wireless development, in addition to the household appliance wuxianhua, we can even imagine the future of street lamp beside the road are wireless control, go to the restaurant can also be integrated unlimited chips menu order, this will be a magical world of the Internet. I look forward to this life, you?

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