Monday, January 3, 2011

Weak current College】 【wonderful projection from the correct connection start】.

<br> <br> Every projection operator, all hope of projector in its own proper setup and operation, the shadows in more exciting, more realistic effects, but in the actual projection process, they find it too is not very easy, what's going .on? the original projector for more exciting, more realistic projection effects, and not just the parameter settings and projector, and correct operation, but also and quite operation details, such as a connection to the projector. Maybe you will think of the projector to .connect actions not worth mentioning, in fact, the wiring operations properly, projector projection effect is still very large. Or not, let's take a look at the projector line of "learning". Output mode not note switch many users just getting started with projector ., often encounter such a phenomenon, it will be a projector and notebook all lines between have been correctly connected, but they are all powered on, discover the projector cannot be computer screen content, projected onto the projection screen, or can be found on the .projection screen projection in the notebook, notebook screen does not display any content. Experiencing this phenomenon, don't think your connection problem, in fact, this phenomenon is a portable computer signal output mode is not set, this is because the notebook computer, .there are three kinds of signal output mode, by default it will signal output to the notebook screen, this is also why you cannot see the projection screen in the content's sake; for notebooks will signal at the output to the screen and portable screen, you .can press the Fn function in your notebook key, press the keyboard with the monitor icon is pressed, this notebook of signal output mode will automatically change to just output to a projection screen, or output to the notebook screen and projection screen. Above the repeatedly .press the key combination, allowing notebook signal output mode in the above three methods in turn switch. Connection parameters do not match for projector no attention is very familiar with friends, they rarely take into account the different connection of the projector in the environment, it's .drop shadow effect is not exactly the same. In fact, the projector in the projection of the process, it does not work in isolation, but rather with the computer, speakers or other projection accessories common collaboration work, so if you want to allow the .projector to play the best performance, it is important to note that the projector and the peripheral equipment parameters matching issues. For example, you use the projector resolution reached 1280x1024 such standards, and the projector is connected to the computer display resolution only the size of .the resolution, 800x600 now whether you how to set up, do not let the projector output resolution meet the standard, 1280x1024 apparently this causes projection waste of resources, after all, the resolution is 1280 x 1024 projector in price than the resolution is 800 x .600 projector is small height, but their actual use effect is the same. Similarly, if the projector's resolution no computer output resolution is high, so the projector can be high-quality computer screen content clearly projected onto the projection screen. To do this, .just make sure that the projector and peripheral equipment-related parameters to keep performance matched to allow access to the projector ideal drop shadow effect. The alignment mode does not note the layout of the projector and the computer connected to the VGA signal cable or video cable ., is used to transmit the signal or weak signal of VGA video signal, the signal are particularly vulnerable to external interference, for example, once the VGA signal cable or video cable interface fixed lines appear loose, cracked or peeling occurs by extrusion cables, projector .may appear unable to output picture in faults, even if the screen content, but also causes the screen due to jitter or ghosting phenomenon, affecting the projection of output results. In order to avoid projecting signal affected by outside interference, you use the VGA signal .cable or video cable to connect projector and computer, be sure to set the connection cable gently placed into the corner edges, or other easily accessible location, never would the cables directly on the ground, walking up and down, the user can easily trip up .the projector, projector accident even damaged. Also, do not place the projector cable layout in may be affected by extrusion of the location, such as through the doors and Windows of the slit, or through the ceiling, the VGA signal cable or video cable .may be affected by external extrusion, serious can cause deformation or shorted wires; in addition to projection cable alignment position, also note the wiring must handle with care; you cannot drag force chaos chaos pulled cable, otherwise the connection cable internal communication cables can easily .be broken; and projector work, do not live in the State of the connection cable from the computer port or pull down the port of the projector, which could be burnt connection cable connectors, or even cause damage to the projector and the computer port. .It is also important to note that, due to VGA signal cable or video cable transmission of signals may be affected by the strong electric signal or electromagnetic signal interference, so you have to be projected signal cable from the cable or communications line cable, while away .from a number of communications equipment or electrical equipment. Multiple output does not pay attention to transit in the actual presentation, often may encounter a few computers and a projector connected to each other, so that you can achieve the projected content in a different computer can .achieve uninterrupted transitions; to achieve this effect, simply rely on a signal cable is not a projector and multiple computers connected at the same time, at which point you can go to the market to buy a VGA Multinier allocator, and compares it to the projection .of the signal cable is directly connected to the distributor in tap signal lines respectively and other multiple computer connections, so the signal distributor of signal transfer, we can achieve a projectors and more computers at the same time, the purpose of the connection. Later, .as long as the signal distributor easily switch to allow multiple computers in turn onto the projection screen. Power lines are not careful grounding as we all know, the projector's powerSource connection cable to use random equipped with, and cannot use other power cord in place, .otherwise easily lead to unexpected projector. However, in addition to the power connector needs attention, it is also necessary to ensure that the projector is connected to the power outlets must be reliable grounding, or in-plug power supply connector is easy to cause a .serious fire phenomenon, it can damage the projector's power input section. In addition, the projector's power cord and power cable from the computer, it connects to a power outlet, so you can ensure that the output of the projector screen as possible, stable and .clear. <br>.

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