Monday, January 3, 2011

Weak current College】 【world-renowned LED manufacturer brief】.

Nichia chemical, famous LED chip manufacturer, Japan company, founded in 1956, developed the world's first blue LED (1993), the world's first pure green LED (1995), the world has subsidiaries. 2,CREE
Famous LED chip manufacturer, United States companies, the product to silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), Silicon (Si) and related compounds, including blue, green, ultraviolet light-emitting diode (LED), near ultraviolet laser, radio frequency (RF) and microwave devices, power switching devices and suitable for the production and scientific research of silicon carbide (SiC) wafers 3, OSRAM
OSRAM is one of the world's second largest optoelectronic semiconductor manufacturers, products, lighting, sensor and image processor. company headquartered in Germany, research and development and manufacturing base in Malaysia, with approximately 400 employees, sales of 45.9 billion euros.
The most famous products of OSRAM is LED, only a few millimeters in length, there are a variety of color, low power consumption, long service life 4, Toyoda Gosei
Toyoda Gosei Toyota synthesis, headquartered in Japan, Aichi, production of automotive parts and LED, LED accounted for about 10% of income,
Toyota synthesis and Toshiba are joint development of white led, is the use of UV LED and fluorescent body combinations, and General Blue LED and fluorescent body combined differently. 5,Agilent
As the world's leading supplier of LED, their products for automobiles, electronic information boards and traffic signal lights, industrial equipment, cellular phones and consumer products, and so many products to provide efficient and reliable source. high reliability of these components can usually be guaranteed during the service life of the equipment without the need to replace the light source-Agilent low cost dot-matrix LED display, wide variety of seven sections of code to display and Agilent LED light strip series products have a variety of packaging and color choice 6, TOSHIBA
Toshiba Semiconductor is LED by major automotive suppliers, in particular the instrument panel backlight, car radio, navigation system, climate control unit. technology is InGaAlP, wavelength from 560nm (pure green) to 630nm (red)-near future, Toshiba has developed a new technology UV + phosphor (UV + fluorescence), UV LED chip may issue, excite phosphors emit various light after combination, such as white, pink, green, light. 7,LUMILEDS
Lumileds Lighting is the world's high power led and solid leading manufacturers of lighting, its products are widely used for lighting, TV, traffic signals and general lighting, Luxeon Power Light Sources is a patented product that combines traditional lamps and LED's small size, long-life characteristics. also available LED chip and led packaging, red, green, blue, amber, white LED.
Lumileds Lighting headquarters in the United States, the factory is located in Japan, the Netherlands, Malaysia, from Agilent and Philips venture in 1999, Philips full acquisition of the company. 8,SSC
Seoul Semiconductor is Korea's largest manufacturer of LED lighting technology, environmental protection and is one of the eight major manufacturers in the world (source: Strategies Unlimited--LED market research company)-Seoul Semiconductor's primary business is the production line LED Assembly and customization module products, including the use of AC-Driven Semiconductor lighting products such as: Acriche, lateral light LED, LED light, LED, slices and plug-in LED Piranha (super light) LED et products have been widely used for general lighting, led lighting, mobile phones, back light, TV, portable computer, automotive lighting, household items and traffic signals and other areas.

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