Monday, January 3, 2011

College】 【weak troubleshooting common air conditioner repair】.

<br> troubleshooting common air conditioner compressor for a long-running and can not stop Fault from 1: lack of refrigerant, refrigerant leak <BR> <BR> full or partial exclusion method detected the leak site, fill gaps, the refrigeration system .re-vacuum, adding cooling agent, by qualified maintenance <BR> <BR> Fault 2: filter blockage <BR> <BR> Remedy Replace the filter, re-vacuum refrigeration system, adding cooling agent, .by qualified maintenance <BR> <BR> two compressor can not run <BR> <BR> Fault 1: power failure <BR> <BR> troubleshooting with a multimeter, electric pen then check the troubleshooting items. .The fuse is bad replace the fuse, broken wires, replace the wiring fault Reason 2: Supply voltage is too low <BR> <BR> troubleshooting with a multimeter measure the voltage, if necessary, equipped with a power regulator device <BR> <BR> Fault 3 .: loose or broken wires <BR> <BR> method to check cable connections exclude parts, loose connectors should be re-inserted firmly, seated, by qualified repair <BR> <BR> Three fans can not run <BR .> <BR> Fault 1: The master switch is bad <BR> <BR> troubleshooting master switch contacts with a multimeter to measure resistance, the resistance is too large or zero, should be repaired or replaced handle <BR> <BR .> Failure Reason 2: fan motor coil damage <BR> <BR> troubleshooting with a multimeter check, replacement of the same size, same speed of the fan motor <BR> <BR> Fault 3: among the fan motor and fan blade set screws .<BR> <BR> exclude loose set screw fastening method <BR> <BR> Fault 4: fan capacitor circuit or short circuit Check the capacitors <BR> <BR> troubleshooting, replacement of the same size capacitor <BR>.

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