Monday, January 3, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 air-conditioning refrigerant leak detection method 】

In summer, the air conditioning refrigerant leakage is most common in use. Refrigerants have needs add once a year, and some can add 2 months. Leakage of refrigerant easily lead to environmental pollution, and increase the vehicle maintenance vehicle costs and time. Here are seven automotive a/c leak detection methods.

Visual leak found somewhere in the system, here is what might be a leakage points. Easy visual leak, no cost, but there is a big defect, unless the system suddenly breaking of large leak, and the system is compromised, or liquid colored media Visual leak detection cannot be located, because usually the place very small leaks, and automotive air conditioning itself has many parts are almost invisible.

Soapy water leak detection system and into 10-20kg/cm2 pressure nitrogen, then in the system parts painted with soapy water, bubble, the leakage points. This approach is by far the most common roadside repair plant leak detection method, but one arm is finite, the range of human vision is limited, many simply do not see the leak. Nitrogen water leak detection system and into 10-20kg/cm2 pressure nitrogen, put the system into the water, bubble, the leakage points. This method and the previous SOAP water leak detection method for real, although the cost is low, but there are obvious disadvantages: leak detection with easy access to the system of water, causing the system to corrosion of materials, while high pressure gas may cause the system to do more damage, leak detection is also a great time working intensity, allowing maintenance and overhaul costs rise.

Halogen lamp light leak detection lamp leak detection, handheld halogen lamp, air tube, pipe mouth near system leakage, flame color changes to purple blue, there are a large number of leaks. This way, not only are the open fire is dangerous, but with open fires and refrigerant can produce harmful gases, also not easy to accurately position the leak. So this approach is now almost no one is using, if you can see, that's probably is in non-civilized society stage.

Gas differential pressure leak test using system inside and outside the air pressure difference, will be enlarged by differential pressure sensor, with a number or voice or electronic signal express leak results. This method is only a "qualitative" to know whether the system is leaking and does not accurately locate the leak.

Electronic leak detection probes for a possible leakage of the local movement, when the alarm time leak detection device, there are a lot of leakage. Electronic leak detection products easily damaged, and maintain a complex, vulnerable to environmental chemicals such as gasoline, gas, does not accurately position the leak.

Fluorescent leak it is the use of fluorescent leak detection agent in the ultraviolet and blue light leak detection lamp illumination emits a bright yellow green light of the principle of various system fluid leakage detection. When in use, simply by a certain percentage of a fluorescent agent to join the system, system operation after 20 minutes, wearing special glasses with leak detection lamp irradiation system of external, leakage will be blinking yellow fluorescence. The advantages of fluorescent leak detection is positioning accuracy can leakage points, with directly, and the eyes and easy to carry, easy to use, low maintenance costs, representing the automotive and leak detection. It is understood that the TP fluorescent leak detection technology to foreign countries already have 50 years of history, including GM, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, the world's major automotive manufacturers recognized and applied.

Case study: fluorescent leak detection and repair of last six times this summer maintenance station encountered such a user Mr. Sun, he found that air conditioning is not good to find another home repair, 134A refrigerant was added, after 27 days without refrigeration. Return to the shop, check after being told that there are a large number of oil below the condenser, the suspected leak, spend change, but it took more than a month without refrigeration. This time the repair shop that air conditioning compressor does not work, so I spent nearly 3800 replaced, this time a repair shop that is not called in question again. He doubted his car away, but he didn't last long, it took only a month or so, without refrigeration, look at the promise not to call it a fee, the car and drove to the garage, the discovery of refrigerant leakage out of the garage is air conditioning pump connector seal is damaged, replace with a refrigerant, and persist for a month, then go to the shop, repair shop that can later be supplemented at any time, but where is leaking refrigerant is not found. After 6 time maintenance and replacement, Mr. Sun SOT said if air conditioning repair, they sell the car. We use fluorescent agent leak detection technology, only one more time, the car completely repaired. Fluorescent agent leak the biggest advantage is the judgment of fault can reach 95% accuracy, efficiency increases of at least 2 times more.

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