Saturday, January 1, 2011

【School】 how to identify weak genuine Motorola walkie-talkie batteries】.

<br> <BR> Motorola sincerely remind you: Beware of fake Motorola walkie-talkie to buy batteries! .You must be careful, because in addition to the battery in the battery casing on the label and trademarks and logos of Motorola looks slightly different, slightly different cell surface structures, the counterfeit batteries and Motorola Motorola is indeed very similar to the original battery, but only superficial .. .Remove the shell, you will find counterfeit Motorola batteries and radio battery difference. .How to identify genuine and fake Motorola walkie-talkie batteries were the more important. .Original GP88S transparent battery (model: PMNN4053ARC) The radio battery designed for professional users use GP88S designed, using tailor-made batteries, with lower costs to meet higher performance specifications. .Anti-counterfeiting "transparent" design, MAG ONE special batteries, capacity: 1400mAh, Ni-MH metal oxides. .How to identify radio battery? Available from the following: radio batteries inside the battery <BR> Motorola Original Battery: Use only tested after several strict compliance with the standards of quality batteries. .Strong consistency of a single capacity of batteries, assembled into a walkie-talkie batteries continued excellent performance, use of time lasting. .Counterfeit Batteries: Most counterfeit batteries use the same battery performance is poor, does not match the high impedance of the battery after assembly, the battery's capacity is not reliable. .Flexible circuit <BR> Motorola Original battery: Connect the cord using the latest patented technology to connect the internal batteries and electronic devices. .Soft copper film flexible circuit so that the production process is automatic, small parts, high reliability. .To ensure reliable, low resistance, greatly reducing the chance of producing defective. .Counterfeit batteries: a typical use of counterfeit batteries in electric wires and flexible metal to poor electrical connection. .The entire production process with manual or hand soldering. .The resulting short circuit, open the opportunity to greatly increase the welding. .The welding technology, but off, the battery impedance may be high. .The key electronic devices <BR> Motorola original battery: Make sure that the use of walkie-talkie batteries and chargers security and excellent selection of quality performance is the most basic principles of electronic devices. .Safe use of multiple switch elements, high temperature can be reset to the current. .Thermistor - temperature detection element, which can effectively monitor the battery temperature, it is precisely the work of the control circuit to prevent overload. .Diodes - to prevent the flow of current a battery charger counterfeit batteries: typical is the use of poor quality of electronic components, components of the welding quality is poor. .Some components or failure, can not function properly. .Motorola Original Battery <BR> mechanical parts: shock absorbers and filler used to protect and maintain the battery within the battery devices are in place. .In the sudden impact of several adverse conditions, when used, can greatly reduce the components may be damaged. .In order to ensure two-way wireless radio in extremely poor conditions and stability operations can also work correctly, the original battery in the use of Motorola technology to high-quality ultrasonic plastic battery case with other flexible material welded together inside. .Counterfeit Battery: No protective materials are usually used to protect and secure the components within the battery position. .Counterfeit batteries often rough assembly, the internal components, often in loose, causing hazards exist. .Counterfeit battery shell is often bonded together by hand, so connectivity is poor. .This battery can not stand sudden external shocks, or accidentally falling from a height can imagine what the result will be..

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