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【 Weak current College 】 rechargeable batteries of 6 big rumour circulating around town 】

■ New battery activation

A rumour circulating around town: new battery charge and discharge cycles should be used to activate the battery performance.

Truth: precisely the argument is not a rumor. Battery from the factory to the user a time difference in the hands of the month, length of the half-year. For a time longer battery, its electrode material passivation, manufacturers will recommend the best initial use of battery for 3 ~ 5 full charge and discharge procedures, in order to eliminate the electrode material passivation, reach the maximum capacity. It usually manufacturers have no attention to remind consumers that the full charge and discharge should not be a depth of discharge, but should be controlled at 5% ~ 8% both. Otherwise a new battery is likely to be scrapped.

■ "First three" charge

Rumour circulating around town 2: when a new battery after best buy for three times the charge and discharge cycles, charging time should be more than 12 hours in order to activate the battery maximum effectiveness.

Truth: Ni-MH battery in order to achieve the perfect saturation, need to go through the "add" and "trickle" process, this time normally in 5 hours or so. At present, the lithium-ion battery, "" the "constant current and constant voltage charging characteristic is" would be the depth charge time control in 4 hours. Once full, battery internal protection circuits will automatically stop charging, so this is not science has no practical meaning.

It has been done using a mobile phone. Using the travel charger charger when the battery is full, to switch to the charger charger to confirm the degree of saturation of the battery. When he found a charger charger still charging the battery, it considered that the battery is still not reached saturation. In fact, the lack of rigorous testing method. The reason is that the charger charger indicator light does not detect the true saturation or not only standard charger charger base voltage does not necessarily equal to the reference voltage of the phone, so when a mobile phone that saturates the battery, charger charger might not think so, continue to charge, but is filled in, the only of its own.

■ Best

Rumour circulating around town three: as long as the rechargeable battery used appropriately, in a circular area optimally to achieve maximum capacity.

For example, early in the Ni-MH, NI-CD batteries, if used appropriately, scheduled maintenance, 10 ~ 200 loop point reaches its maximum capacity (factory capacity 1000mAh NiMH battery in a cycle of 100 times the capacity may reach 1100mAh).

Truth: this argument in Japanese products in common, the battery in its specification of loop characteristics diagram can often be seen. However, the current mainstream of lithium-ion battery, this cycle peak phenomenon does not exist. Because lithium-ion battery from factory to scrap, its capacity to recycle a least once, never rebound phenomenon of capacity. Maybe a friend will ask some ThinkPad notebook users through deep discharge, you can recover the battery's capacity. In fact it's just testing software error detection, the actual capacity of the battery did not improve.

Lithium-ion battery is there best? the answer is Yes, this is the ambient temperature changes. In General, lithium-ion battery at 25 ° c ~ 40 ° c environment will demonstrate excellent performance. And the low-temperature or high temperature, its performance will be greatly reduced. For example you are the outdoor sun shines with a laptop, there is no time for indoor use.

■ Capacity

Rumour circulating around town four: two nominal capacity is the same (for example 800mAh) battery, if an actual measured capacity 860mAh, another for 805mAh, then it must ever be 860mAH 805mAh.

Truth: in General, different models (different volume) of lithium-ion battery, capacity higher use of time it takes. If you put aside the volume andweight, and other factors, of course, is the capacity of the higher the better. But for two nominal capacity is the same (for example, the preceding example) is not necessarily of the battery. Because the actual capacity of the battery, probably in the electrode material added to increase the initial capacity of the material, the material used to stabilize the electrode. The result expressed in cycles after the dozens of times, with a capacity of rapid decay, while the capacity low is still strong. Many manufacturers in order to reduce costs, increase sales, often with the means to produce high-capacity battery. Users in the use of half a year later you'll find working time is greatly shortened. In short, increase capacity at the cost of sacrificing the cycle life, manufacturers are not in the article above and below the battery material, it is impossible to improve battery capacity

■ Battery save

Rumour circulating around town five: rechargeable battery if you do not use, you should look a electricity and then saved.

Truth: actually not just mentioned rumours, lithium-ion battery is the full save or beaming the must be saved so many people confused? the answers to your questions from which you want to talk with congenital defects, that is the "aging". Lithium-ion batteries stored for a period of time, even if not recycling, its part of the capacity will be permanently lost, this is because lithium-ion battery cathode materials since the factory began their failure. Different temperature and saturation level of the margin under the aging is different, specific range visible as shown in the table below.

Thus, the storage temperature is higher, the more full battery charge, the greater the capacity increases. So for lithium-ion batteries stored for a long time, the user should be power control in 40%, and stored in 15 ℃ even lower temperatures. As for Ni-MH and NI-CD batteries do not exist the "aging", long-term storage is only need to makeseveral full charge and discharge to restore its original capacity.

■ Fully charged subsequent charge

Rumour circulating around town 6: charge the battery, punching power full later continued to charge 12 hoursThis is helpful in improving the saturation of the battery.

Truth: in General, a quality qualified charger charger will charge automatically close when finished charging circuit, there is no current, even if the battery is placed here we charge 10 hours is useless. At present, the vast majority of mobile phone chargers are sampling this design. Therefore, when the Green led is lit, the direct use of the battery down.

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