Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weak current College】 【configuration activities in the freezer equipment problems】.

<br> Activities in the cold store is developed in a fast and easy Assembly of refrigeration equipment, various building components and insulation panels, dedicated factory specializing in the production of prefabricated, and then assembled at the construction site. At present most small activities can .be cold, the second entry. Introduce the activity freezer category: outdoor activities cold storage: large Active cold storage design for outdoor generally, and with option of different outdoor needs with exterior envelope and Foundation. Peripheral structure to wind, rain, Sun protection. .Cold storage: architectural Interior activities in existing buildings small activities cold storage room. This article provides an analysis of the activities of the evaporator cold storage equipment and refrigerating units of configuration issues. First, the activities of the evaporator cold storage equipment evaporation area configuration unreasonable .: <br> Activities in the evaporator of cold evaporation area in configuration and actual refrigeration process a big gap between the technical requirements. According to some of the activities of cold storage field observations, the evaporator evaporation area only 75% should be configured. We .know, on the activities of the evaporator inside the cold store, on the basis of their design temperature for the thermal load calculation to determine the evaporator evaporation area, and then only under refrigeration technology requirements. If you do not press the design requirements of reasonable .configuration evaporator and blindly reduced evaporator configuration area will make active cold evaporator unit area of refrigerating factor significantly decreased and refrigeration load increases, the energy efficiency ratio significantly lower, resulting in a decline in activity within the temperature cold storage, refrigerator with the slow work factor .towards increased operating costs increase, and so called negative factors, therefore, in the design selection activities of evaporator cold storage, you should press the best heat temperature difference to select Configuration area of the evaporator. Second, the activities of cold storage equipment refrigerating units .of configuration is not reasonable: <br> Some manufacturers production activities on the configuration of the cold store refrigeration unit, not the library design cooling load calculation of total and active cold storage building envelope insulation thickness, etc for reasonable configuration, but to add refrigeration .unit number of the means to meet library demands for fast cooling down inside. To 4-type activities freezer BZL-3 × as an example, the Library 4 meters long, 3 meters wide, high 2.7 m, net capacity within 28.723 cubic meters, .equipped with 2 2F6.3 series refrigeration units and 2 independent group of snake-like optical tube evaporator, the unit with an independent evaporator consists of a complete refrigeration systems for refrigeration. According to estimation of cold storage machine load: the activity that the cold .store refrigeration machine load of about 140 (W/m3), the total load is 4021.22 (W) (3458.25kcal), according to the above data, the cold store selection 1 2F6.3 series refrigeration units (standard refrigeration capacity 4000kcal / h .) can meet the cold storage and refrigeration technology activities (up to-15 ° c to-18 ° c), therefore, in the library on multiple distribution 1 refrigeration units are redundant, and also will increase the unit cost of maintenance. <br .> We all know, in the refrigeration system, evaporation temperature and evaporation pressure each other to function, they are and the temperature of a body by cooling and refrigerating capacity, heat area (mainly refers to the evaporator) and compressor capacity, and several other .conditions, if one of the conditions change, refrigeration system of evaporation temperature and evaporation pressure will change accordingly. In 4-type activities freezer BZL-3 ×, evaporation area has not changed, but it increases the capacity of its refrigerator has doubled, which .makes active cold evaporator of evaporation and compressor suction volume not adapted (evaporation Vo significantly less than the compressor suction volume Vh), ie, V0 page <Vh, evaporation pressure Po and evaporation temperature to a sharp decline, heat transfer, thermal ¡ .÷ t activities instead of cold storage in cool, because due to the difficult evaporation temperature too low, then the compressor performance indicators, economic indicators deteriorated. <br>.

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