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Weak current College】 【electronic industry in English (18)】.

Ultra-super (prefixes)
UHF ultra-high frequency
Ultrasonic, ultrasonic
Unbalancedoutput unbalanced outputs
Under in. .. Next, insufficient
Unidirectional one-way
Unidirectionalmicrophone single directional microphone
Uniform uniform, consistent
Unison homology, sing along with the degree, (Le)
Unit unit, parts and appliances
Universal common, ordinary, universe
Up, up, up
Upper above
Up-to-date modern, up-to-date
Usage usage, use of
Useful useful and effective
User user, users
USS United States standards
Utility application for utility,
V voltage symbol
Vacuumtube vacuum tube
Valenceelectrons valence electrons
Value value
Variable variable, the variable
Variableareatrack variable product type sound track
Variabledensitytrack variable density of sound track
Variableresistor variable resistance
Variablespeechcontrol variable language control
Variationoftapesensitivity tape not uniformity
VCA-controlled attenuator, voltage-controlled amplifier
VCR video cassette tape
VDT display Terminal
Vector vector t
Velocitymicrophone rate microphone
Vertical vertical
VHS home TV video system
Vibraphone Zhong Qin
Vibration vibration and oscillation
Vibrato trill, vibrato
Video video f
Videodisk disc
Videotape video tape
Alto violin viola
Violin violinist ^
VO (film, television) of the commentary
Vocal sounds, sound, vocal
Voder speech synthesizer
The human voice, voice, voice
Voicecoil voice coil
VOL voltage
Volt Volt
Voltage voltage
Voltageamplification voltage amplification coefficient
Voltageamplifier voltage amplifier
Voltagecontrol voltage control
Voltagedrop voltage drop
Voltagefeedback voltage feedback
Volume volume
Volumecompressor volume compressor
Volumelimiter volume limiter
Volumeunit volume units
VTR tape recorders
VUmeter volume Unit table
VU meter
W power, Watt
Warn warning
Watt Watts
Wave waves
Waveamplitude volatility
Band, frequency, waveband
Waveform shape
Waveformanalyzer waveform Analyzer
Waveformsynthesizer wave synthesizer
Wavefront Wavefront, Wavefront
Wavelength wavelength
Weber Weber
Weighting weighted, gravity
Whitenoise white noise
Wholestep full scale
Wholetone full interval
Wideband broadband
Wind winder
Windinstrument wind instruments
Wind-shelter windproof Cap
Wirerecorder wire recorder
Wireless radio
Woodwind Woodwinds
Woofer bass speakers
Wow jitter modulation
Wowandflutter shake shaking rate
Wow-wow synthesizer of a very low vibrato effect
Write, write, write

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