Monday, January 3, 2011

Weak current College】 【DLP technology and LCD technology comparison】.

Comparison point
DLP (digital projection display technology)
LCD (liquid crystal projection display technology)

Core technology
DLP: all digital DDRDMD chip
LCD: liquid crystal panels

DLP: projection principle is light projection through high-speed rotation of red and blue green roulette then to DLP chip reflection image.
LCD: using optical projection through red-green-blue color, and then apply the filter color cast across the three LCD panels, synthetic projective.

DLP: pixel gap is small, sharp, flicker-free.
LCD: pixel gap, mosaic phenomenon, slightly flickering.

DLP: high
LCD: General

DLP: light padding amount up to 90% of the total amount of fill light efficiency greater than 60%.
LCD: the largest optical fill in 70% of the total luminous efficiency greater than 30%.

Color reduction degree
DLP: high (digital imaging)
LCD: General (subject to the limitations of analog-digital conversion)

DLP: high (1024 level/10bit)
LCD: level not enough rich

Color uniformity
DLP: greater than 90% (the color compensation circuit, so that the color consistent).
LCD: no color compensation circuit, with flat plate aging and growing problem of chromatic aberration.

Brightness uniformity
DLP: more than 95% (digital uniform transitional compensation circuit, so that the screen brightness more even before).
LCD: no compensation circuit, have the effect of the Sun ".

DLP chip DLP: adoption of sealed package, the environmental impact is small, and has over 20 years of service life and high reliability.
LCD: LCD liquid crystal materials subject to environmental impact, unstable.

Lamp life
DLP: use the Philips UHP bulb from long-life, long life, DLP display suitable for a long time.
LCD: lamp life is short, the LCD is not suitable for continuous work long hours.

Service life
DLP: DLP chip life 100,000 hours.
LCD: liquid crystal plate life 20,000 hour.

Subject to external light interference level
DLP: DLP technology integration box structure, are not subject to external light interference.
LCD: serious, in external light, is not clear.

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