Monday, January 3, 2011

Weak current College】 【infrared thermometer general principle and uses】.

<br> Infrared thermometer temperature measurement is based on the Planck radiation law as a theoretical basis, through the device under test objectives of infrared radiation energy measurement, blackbody calibration, which determines the target temperature being measured. Infrared thermometer with non-contact measurement, .response speed, without disturbing the measured temperature distribution field characteristics. For those unable to use contact measurement of objectives, activities, goals, and objectives of the rapid change of temperature of temperature measurement, infrared thermometer has its unique effects. It is a modern measuring .technology provides a new means of measurement. Select infrared thermometer elements: working principle, specifications, environmental conditions and the operation and maintenance of infrared thermometer components: optical system, photoelectric detectors, signal amplifiers and signal processing, display output, such as infrared thermometer application .areas <br> Compared with the traditional temperature measurement devices, the infrared thermometer has advantages of convenience, accuracy and safety. Because there are so many advantages so infrared thermometer application range is very broad, describes as follows: <br> A, iron and .steel <br> Use infrared thermometer can continuously measure the recuperator all temperature and heater efficiency. Measuring the temperature on both sides of the plate, to determine whether the uniform heat. Improve product quality <br> Second, the glass industry <br> Test .furnace temperature guarantee glass edge to edge of temperature consistency and flat glass surface. Thus: improve product yield, improved process control, improve product consistency, reduce downtime <br> Third, the plastics industry <br> Blown film suppression: accurate temperature test, .you can ensure that the plastic resistance to tension and uniform thickness of laminated and embossing processing: use infrared thermometer temperature monitoring and control of heater film <br> 4. heating, ventilation and refrigeration <br> Use infrared thermometer: scanning the room temperature, .check the pipe temperature, test the temperature of the boiler and boiler performance evaluation, monitoring aspirated and back to the gas circuit <br> Five, supermarkets or food processing enterprises <br> Because of frozen food storage temperature is generally 4.4 ¡ .æ below, above this range may be deteriorating. So you can use the infrared thermometer is a convenient, quick check <br> Other applications include food processing, food processing, fish processing, alcoholic beverage manufacturers, inspection and quarantine departments, etc. < .br> <br>.

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