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Weak current College】 【led display FAQ】.

Display FAQ

1. Decides to display price factors

China as a global led display important production base, with many manufacturers, but all manufacturers of the price discrepancy. Determines the display price determining factors is the individual's choice of material. Most mainly reflected in:

1) LED tube material used different: fine rolled up high brightness LED, brightness falloff small, long life, good color consistency, and slightly higher prices.
2) connector for use: the number of high-quality plug-plug, conducive to long-term display maintenance operations; prices higher than poor quality connectors;
3) control system using high quality control system so that the screen has a higher refresh rate, color grayscale and contrast, software easy.

Display as mass consumer goods, quality is essential to the stability and longevity. Cheap, inferior products only to customers of endless maintenance difficulties; cause to manufacturers increasingly heavy burden of after-sales service.

2. screen installation and after-sales service

A. display in the production process are noted as simplified structure, easy installation, but also to provide a framework for the chart as a reference.

B. display the General warranty period is 3 years. The warranty period, all non-improper operation caused the damaged part can be free, but customers need to be replaced damaged part to take on mailing costs.


LED attached great importance to the antistatic measures, the following is for static and anti-static several instructions:

1. static source: impact on the circuit of the body are the main source of static electricity, plastic products and related equipment, which comes from the use of environment there are several static power supply:

1) objects, materials
2) floor, work desks and chairs
3) overalls, packaging containers
4) surface of paint or wax, organic and fiberglass material.
5) cement flooring, paint or wax floors, plastic floor tiles or floor.
6) non-conductive fiber overalls, work shoes, clean cotton overalls.
7) plastic, packaging, boxes, bags, dish, foam pads.

2. electrostatic discharge failure modes: sudden failure and the potential failure.

In the use of static electricity failure in 90 above is the potential failure of, performance for the circuit resistance capacity electrical overstress weakening, the service life is reduced.

3. measures against static electricity:

1) on the use of electrostatic sensitive circuits for static knowledge and relevant technical training.
2) establishment of anti-static work area, in the region use on electrostatic floor, antistatic Workbench, anti-static grounding wire and anti-static equipment and will go over 40 relative humidity control.
3) electrostatic on electronic equipment hazards may be set free from the manufacturer to field devices. Damage is due to the lack of adequate, effective training and equipment handling failure. LED is an electrostatic-sensitive device. INGAN chip is generally considered the first "susceptible to interference. While ALINGAPLEDSSHI "second place" or better.
4) ESD damaged equipment demonstrated dimmed, fuzzy, off, short or low VF or VR. ESD damaged equipment should not be confused with no e-mail overload, such as: current design because of errors or driving, the chip is attached to a wire shielded grounded or package, or normal environment-induced stress, etc.
5) ESD security and control: the majority of electronic and electro-optics company is very similar to that of ESD and have successfully implemented so the device ESD control, manipulation and the main program. These programs because the ESD ancient has been used for testing quality of instruments. ISO-9000 certification also put his column as the normal control procedures.

4. transport and packaging

In day-to-day operations, the ESD-sensitive device should have been stored in package or anti-static container. This includes a detailed directory of reserves, transport and WIP. Transport of prevention including the consumption of the fleet, boxes or other devices, such as with conductive wheels or drag strip, in the delivery of ESD equipment is grounded. Terminology clarifying and ensuring the quality of standard packaging material is ANSI/ESDS11.31-1994, used to encapsulate a mark of normal use of the standard is the ANSI/ESD/ESDS8.1-1993, the standard used to encapsulate the material is ANSI/EIA-541-88 and ANSI/EIA-588-91.

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